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NMR > Consultation and Collaboration

We are interested in active and direct research collaboration at any level starting from biological sample preparation to NMR experiment design and set-up, and NMR data analysis to facilitate your research programs in your laboratory. There are several benefits of this direct collaboration with us:

  • You will have full control and ownership of the project
  • You and your students/postdoctoral/research fellows will directly be involved with the project through-out the collaboration
  • We will help you to install NMR software in your laboratory computers so that they are available to your students and trainees whenever needed.
  • We will also train you and your students how to use these software. All software are free, there is no cost involved.
  • We will work with you all the way to successfully complete your project.

In the process you and your students/trainees will learn:

  • About NMR technology and its wide applications in biological sciences
  • Over expression of stable isotope labeling of biological macromolecules such as protein, DNA/RNA for NMR studies
  • Sample characterization (assess and improve stability solubility)
  • NMR experiment design and set-up. We will assist and explain you and your students/trainees about experimental details.
  • NMR data processing, visualization and analysis in your laboratory.

We also provide consultation to facilitate your research projects if you need any assistance at any stage. We are here to help and enhance your knowledge about diverse applications of NMR. Please do not hesitate to contact, Alex Hansen (hansen.434@osu.edu) and Chunhua Yuan (yuan.9@osu.edu) at any time.