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For instrument usage information related to the NIH S10 program, please contact:

CCIC Associate Director: Arpad Somogyi, somogyi.16@osu.edu
Business Office Staff: Allison Horrox, horrox.1@osu.edu

Department Facility Directory
Name(click to e-mail) Phone Number Fax Number
CCIC Main Office 614-688-5489 Fax 614-292-5955
NMR Laboratory (Riffe) 614-292-3650 Fax 614-292-5955
MSP/PSR Laboratory (BRT) 614-247-8789 Fax 614-292-5955
Mass Spec Facility Office 614-688-5489 Fax 614-292-5955
IT Support 614-247-7082 Fax 614-292-5955
Staff Directory
Name(click to e-mail) Phone Number Title
Vicki Wysocki 614-292-8687 CCIC Facility Director
Rafael Brüschweiler 614-688-2083 CCIC NMR Executive Director
Arpad Somogyi 614-688-0521 CCIC Associate MS & Proteomics Facility Director
Christopher Jaroniec   Associate Director CCIC Solid-State NMR
Tanya Whitmer 614-688-8292 Research Scientist, Solid-State NMR Instrument Manager
Allie Errett 614-247-6101 Business Manager
Jen Poe-Rhodes 614-292-9514 Business Assistant
Liwen Zhang 614-292-7555 Technical Director for Proteomics
Lei Bruschweiler-Li 614-688-2087 Research Scientist
Dawei Li   Research Scientist
Chunhua Yuan 614-688-3691 Research Scientist
Alexandar L Hansen 614-292-7133 Research Scientist
Nan Kleinholz   Senior Research Associate
Sophie Harvey 614-292-7441 Research Associate 2
Mattew Bernier 614-292-8298 Research Associate 2
Andrew Reed 614-292-9106 Research Associate 2
Mailing Addresses
Campus Chemical Instrument Center (Main Office)
460 W. 12th Ave 209 Biomedical Research Tower Columbus, Ohio 43210
Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Facility
460 W. 12th Ave 250 Biomedical Research Tower Columbus, Ohio 43210
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
496 West 12th Avenue Room 137 Riffe Columbus, Ohio 43210