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For instrument usage information related to the NIH S10 program, please contact:

CCIC Associate Director: Arpad Somogyi, somogyi.16@osu.edu
Business Office Staff: Laura VanArsdale, vanarsdale.10@osu.edua

Department Facility Directory
Name(click to e-mail) Phone Number
CCIC Main Office 614-688-3240
NMR Laboratory (Riffe) 614-292-3650
MSP/PSR Laboratory (BRT) 614-247-8789
Mass Spec Facility Office 614-688-3240
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Staff Directory
Name(click to e-mail) Phone Number Title
Vicki Wysocki 614-292-8687 CCIC Facility Director
Rafael Brüschweiler 614-688-2083 CCIC NMR Executive Director
Arpad Somogyi 614-688-0521 CCIC Associate MS & Proteomics Facility Director
Christopher Jaroniec   Associate Director CCIC Solid-State NMR
Tanya Whitmer 614-688-8292 Research Scientist, Solid-State NMR Instrument Manager
Laura VanArsdale 614-688-3240 Administrative Manager
Liwen Zhang 614-292-7555 Technical Director for Proteomics
Lei Bruschweiler-Li 614-688-2087 Research Scientist, NMR
Dawei Li   Research Scientist, NMR
Chunhua Yuan 614-688-3691 Research Scientist, NMR
Alexandar L Hansen 614-292-7133 Research Scientist, NMR
Sophie Harvey 614-292-7441 Research Scientist, MSP
Mattew Bernier 614-292-8298 Research Scientist, MSP
Gong Wu   Research Scientist, MSP
Chengyu Gao   Research Scientist, MSP
Aktham Mestareehi   Research Scientist, MSP
Mailing Addresses
Campus Chemical Instrument Center (Main Office)
460 W. 12th Ave 209 Biomedical Research Tower Columbus, Ohio 43210
Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Facility
460 W. 12th Ave 250 Biomedical Research Tower Columbus, Ohio 43210
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
496 West 12th Avenue Room 137 Riffe Columbus, Ohio 43210