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Welcome to the Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC) X-ray Crystallography Facility
at The Ohio State University (OSU)

The CCIC macromolecular x-ray diffraction facility is a core facility located in the basement of Riffe building. The facility allows for single crystal structure determination of macromolecules by x-ray crystallography at temperatures from 100 K to room temperature.

The main workhorse of the facility is a Rigaku Compact home source, installed in 2014, which comprises a MicroMax-003 x-ray generator, PILATUS R200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector, an AFC-11 4-axis goniometer, and Oxford Cobra Cryostream.

  • X-ray Generation: The MicroMax-003 x-ray generator is a third generation microfocus sealed tube X-ray generator that consists of a tightly coupled microfocus generator and specially designed Integrated Confocal MaxFlux double bounce optics to provide flux performance that exceeds that of the previous generation of 5.4 kW RU rotating anode generators.
  • Detection: The PILATUS R200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector is a true photon counting devices that combines state-of-the-art features to make the best commercially available detector for protein crystallography from Dectris Ltd. and allows for shutterless data collection.
  • Goniometer: The AFC11 4-axis Goniometer allows movement of φ, ω, χ, 2-θ axes in addition to the crystal-to-detector distace to reach maximum access to reciprocal space and data collection options.
  • Cryostream: The Oxford Cryosystems cooling system allows measurement in a temperature range of 80 – 400 K with stability better than 0.1 K.
  • Data Processing: For data processing and structure determination, the facility has a dedicated workstation with license for HKL3000.

Additionally, the facility contains a Mosquito nanovolume crystallization robot that was obtained through an NIH S10 equipment grant in 2011. With the Mosquito, you can use small volumes (100-200 nl) of precious protein sample with no risk of cross contamination. You can automate all the popular protein crystallisation screening techniques – hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation – without the need to make set-up changes to the instrument. There is also a stereomicroscope available for looping and mounting crystals prior to data collection.

Scheduling: Visit http://fom.osu.edu in order to sign up for time. It is important that you review this document (PDF Manual w/step by step walk-through) BEFORE you start the process of creating your account and applying for time on the equipment.

Facility Rates (effective October 1st 2016 thru June 30, 2017):
Internal Rates
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 1-drop tray $10.00 Per 1-drop Tray
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 2-drop tray $20.00 Per 2-drop Tray
Mosquito Crystallization Robot - 3-drop tray $30.00 Per 3-drop Tray
Rigaku MicroMax 003 (First 10 hours per day) $15.00 Hour
Rigaku MicroMax 003 (Daily maximum rate) $150.00 Day